Introducing our new trotting Newfoundland Pony Stallion "Maberly Prince". Newfoundland
Ponies are a rare pony type that is listed by
Rare Breeds Canada as a critically endangered
species.   The foundations of the Newfoundland Pony traces to Mountain and Moor type
ponies that were brought to the Newfoundland area by settlers over four hundred years ago
and put to work doing a multitude of tasks.  Anything that needed doing on small farm or
outport village the Newfoundland Pony earned his keep.

Like many draft horse and pony breeds,  their numbers drastically dropped when they were
no longer thought necessary due to mechanization and modernization.  In modern times they
retain the good work ethic and traits of their ancestors and are used for work and the
showring under saddle and in harness.

The Newfoundland Pony Society was founded to help preserve the unique heritage bloodlines
of this northern pony.  Acceptable to the Society are pony height (from 11hh to 14.2hh)
individuals and can be from a light draft type to a finer riding pony type.  Many of their
characteristics are due to harsh winter conditions and they develop heavy winter coats. They
have thick manes and thick tails that are lowset.  They have fetlock feathering that does not
encircle the joint but rather forms a long tuft that goes beyond the point of the fetlock.  Like
many hardy ponies their hooves are small and flinty. Other characteristics are hairy inner
ears,"snow chute" at top of tail and a nasal bump.

Any solid color is acceptable and range from mealy bay to white (aged grey).  Dun and roan
are common and their winter coats can vary drastically from their summer coat color.  Roans
especially can be "radical changers" when it comes to coat color.  Minimal white seems to be

We would like to thank everyone at the Newfoundland Pony Society especially Patricia Morris
and Barb Brown for all their time and efforts in helping us with this sculpture.
Limited Edition Molding run size: 100
Unpainted and Painted Artist choice colors.
Portrait colors also available.
Specs: Traditional 1/9 scale(7 1/4" x 10 1/2")
                          (18cm x 27cm)
Hollowcast in white resin with wire reinforcement
Sale Prices: Unpainted $125.00 plus shipping
Painted $200.00 plus shipping
102 Light Bay
103 Dark Bay
104 Bay Roan
105 Black
101  Unpainted
106 Dapple Grey
107 Sandy Bay
108 Chestnut
109 Lt Bay Roan
110 Chestnut Roan