"Owenmore" was the name chosen for our new stallion as a nod to all our loyal customers for
their long wait for this much anticipated new release because, of course, we always "owe them
more" them we can ever convey!  The name also is a tip of the hat to the countryside and
horses that influenced his making.  "Owenmore" is the English pronounciation of "abhainn
mor", "big river" in gaelic Irish (the descriptive is after the noun like a lot of languages-so
actually "river big"-LOL).  There are several different "Owenmore" rivers that wind through the
Irish countryside.

A visit to the Irish National Stud a few years ago inspired this perky but tranquil Thoroughbred
"Indian Ridge" was one of the stallions there that really caught our eye with his flame coloured
coat on the outside and the obvious fire inside.  His groom was willing to stop a minute, answer
a few questions, and turn him about for pictures while taking him out to his pasture.  We hope
that this sculpture has captured some of that Thoroughbred spirit.

"Owenmore" is large traditional size, measuring 9 1/2" at his eartips.  

He is a one mold run of 50 cast by MVS.

Hollowcast with wire reinforcements in white resin

Unpainted price $150.00