Still in his early stages :) Originally started as a "see the clay on the
wire" type of process demo at an "Art Hop" in October 2007 he has
been hanging around on my work bench waiting for a chance to
become-well, something....  I turned his head as I was inspired by an
artful shot of an Arabian in a calendar.  He has told me since,however,
he is not quite that hot-blooded.  After a visit to Ireland this spring I do
believe he will be a grown up version of Kevin and Jackie's Irish
Just to try out working in a clay that hardens, I started this National
Show Horse mare in the summer of 2007 after returning from the
AAEA workshop "Form and Motion".  Because of the amount of dust
created when sanding her, she is best a summer project.  Of course
in Michigan that season is awfully short!  She did have a tail but it was
off center, so instead of trying to bend it around I opted to cut it off
and insert another wire later to build on.  Again, much to work on, but
a good start :)  She will need a base to stand.
Owenmore.....almost done!
                                                                     July 2015

Our new standing stockhorse in progress.  She is large 1/9 scale.  

I am waiting to put her head and tail on because I have a tendency to be a little rough on my sculptures
and I can only take knocking pieces off so many times ;)  Declan is doing a little assist in the last photo to
show the basic position of her head.  I am thinking of making two versions, one with a nice long mane and
one with a banded mane.

The second horse shown is our Azteca stallion,  "Ladino Bueno" that I have been playing around with.   
Due to high demand, I have been thinking about updating and doing another run of him.  The changes so
far........tail is a total resculpt, he has been bulked out a bit, I'm working  on the feet, ears and refining here
and there.  I plan on changing the mane a bit and working on his face.  He is the smaller of the "traditional"
scales being 1/10 size.

I am still working on another stockhorse, this one a little more performance friendly but right now he
doesn't have a neck and his tail, mane and head are incomplete so I will put photos up of him when he is
more complete.
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