"Northwind" is a large 1/9th scale traditional size resin Holsteiner stallion. He could also be
used for a number of warmbloods or sporthorses. Lightly treading on his base he looks like
he is having a lovely time afield whether enjoying his freedom or happily under saddle.    
He is 10 inches high from the bottom of his base to the tips of his ears and 16 1/4 inches
from tail tip to nose tip.

He has a large metal rod in his planted foot and is hollowcast by Mountain View Studios.
The edition is now closed at 36 pcs, we were not able to get more than that out of the mold.  
The 3 painted pieces we have up on MH$P may be the last we offer for general sale.  We
have 3 more pieces but 1 is my master copy and the other 2 will not be sold with the original
mane and tail.

Painted pieces start at $235.00 plus shipping.
model horse resin unpainted northwind white pine equine
101 Unpainted
model horse resin painted
102 Buckskin
103 Medium bay
model horse resin painted northwind white pine equine
104  Palomino
105 Chestnut
model horse resin painted northwind white pine equine
106 Rose Grey
resin model horse painted
107 Roan Tobiano
108 Dapple Buckskin