A  foal just for you!

Happy little "Natalee" is gaiting along and could represent a number of
different gaited or non gaited foals.  She looks at the world with a glint in
her eye and a mischevious curiosity.   She is gorgeous next to her proud
mommy "Miriam" but just as precious on her own.  Like "Miriam" she is
1/10 scale (6" tall at eartips) and a limited edition of 50.

"Natalee" is in stock!

Hollow cast in high grade resin by Mountain View Studios, "Natalee" is a
limited edition of 50.

Unpainted $90.00 special price plus shipping.  

Painteds as available (or custom order) start at $165.00 special price.

If you would like a set of "Miriam" and "Natalee" please note we only have
a limited number of "Miriam" available from the edition and these will be
sold on a first come first serve basis.  
101 Unpainted
102 Light Bay
103 Bay Pinto