Shagyas are born riding and carriage horses. The Shagya Arabian is a special Arabian breed
which is not very well known worldwide because of its rarity. The breed was developed 150-200
years ago on the famous military stud farms of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

With the Shagya origins having derived from purebred desert Arabians, the breed was
consolidated many generations ago such that it breeds consistently true to type. The Shagyas
combine the advantages of the Bedouin Arabian, (elegant type, great hardiness and toughness,
endurance, easy keeping qualities, and inborn friendliness toward humans), with the
requirements of a modern riding horse, i.e. sufficient height, big frame, and great "rideability",
including excellent movement and enormous jumping ability.

If purebred Arabians are considered the "diamonds" of the horse world, Shagyas can be
considered the "brilliants", cut and polished in order to fulfill the demand for high quality riding
and driving horses in the modern world.
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Limited Edition Molding Run Size:
Final Quantity 23 + 1 Artist's Proof  Specs: Large traditional - Over 1/9 scale
Height 8"  Length 12 1/4"  Mold Material:Hollowcast white resin, reinforced with wire  
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                  Unpainted     $100  2 available
                  Unpainted but will need more prep than usual   $75  2 available

                   Chestnut  #105  $145
                     Bronze  #106  $145