About us:

White Pine Equine and our whitepineequine.com website here is team-owned
and operated by myself Alicia Strayer-Mangan, as artist / sculptor -- and my
husband Declan Mangan as paint / airbrush artist. All White Pine Equine
limited editions are castings of our own original equine sculpture.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to work from home together. Why
White Pine Equine? We live very close to the White Pine Trail in West
Michigan, have white pines in the woods around our house and the white pine
is the state tree of Michigan. Besides Declan liked that it rhymed! We look
forward to many years of producing unique equine sculpture with exciting paint
jobs. We have had many, many NAN qualifiers in breed and workmanship, as
well as other show awards.

I (Alicia) have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture (minor photography) - Cum
Laude, Bachelor of Arts in art history, and interned at the Muskegon Museum
of Art where I worked with a variety of exhibitions from Lalique and Tiffany
glass, to Circus Toys, political cartoons/prints and American Impressionists -- a
beautiful little museum.

Drawing horses was what led me into the art field, especially when I found out
the waiting list to get into Vet school was over two years where I wanted to go.
Originally coming to west Michigan for a design degree, that was quickly put to
the side as sculpture "2-D drives me crazy, a big pat on the back for people
that can make 2-D look 3-D". Prior to starting White Pine Equine I worked for
15 years in various fields that included photography, quality inspection and
screen printing, but am very happy to be working with sculpture once again.

Aside from the above, I have also participated in the federally sanctioned "SOS
- Save Outdoor Sculpture" as a physical surveyor in the Grand Rapids area,
member of the Realistic Equine Sculpture Society (RESS), attended sculpture
related workshops such as Lynn Fraley's "Wire To Whinny" and am co-hostess
of Michigan Model Madness model horse liveshow.

Declan was born in Castlebar, County Mayo in the west of Ireland, and grew up
on a small farm there from which you can just see the peak of Croagh Patrick.
He moved to Michigan in 1985 and was involved in historical / restoration
painting of Victorian houses until 2004 when he switched to painting our resin
horses. He brings our horses to life by airbrushing then hand detailing with
acrylics and pastels.

Always ready for the next challenge, he is continually learning and improving
by experimenting with colors and techniques. Declan's painted horses, both
our Limited Edition models and his other painteds are consistent multiple NAN
card winners, as well as receiving various special recognition show awards.

What's next? We hope to build a new home with actual dedicated studio space
on more acres - enough for a small barn and horses.